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Arab Israeli Conflict


  1. IDSF CEO Lt. Col. (res.) Yaron Buskila discussed Israel's escalation with Hezbollah, emphasizing the need to hold both Hezbollah and Lebanon accountable.

  2. Albanese appeared to reference rumors spread by Palestinian and anti-Israel sources that US special forces had aided in the operation. 

  3. The decision on whether to go for a ground maneuver in Lebanon may be made at the political level soon.

  4. The European recognition of a Palestinian state aims to reintroduce the concept of a Muslim nation-state to the region, benefiting from a weak, Europe-dependent Palestine.

  5. Despite being founded to maintain peace and security on the border between Israel and Lebanon, UNIFIL has failed to rein in violence from Hezbollah

  6. The Shhadeh family, from Batan al-Hawa in Silwan, is challenging the ruling made by Judge Noam Solberg, who rejected the family's request to appeal.

  7. Katz ordered the measure two days after Spain, Ireland and Norway announced they would unilaterally recognize Palestine as a state, a measure that officially goes into effect on May 28.

  8. The Irish nationalist movement has long viewed the Palestinian cause through a similar lens of seeking to overthrow what they see as oppressive colonizers and achieve independent statehood.

  9. During the operation, forces exchanged fire with terrorists, some of which were identified as being hit, the IDF said. 

  10. West Bank settlers arrived at the scene to block humanitarian aid they believed to be en route to the Gaza Strip, setting tires on fire, blocking the truck, and injuring the driver.