Wild and Natural Olive Branches

Matthew 5:17-19



  1. There is virtually no evidence of human activity in the supposed Mount Sinai in Egypt. Is the real location for where God gave the Jews the Ten Commandments in Saudi Arabia?

  2. Jerusalem through the Ages is a wonderful survey of what became, uniquely, a holy city to three of the world’s major religions.

  3. The discovery of the fossil, nicknamed "Teen Rex," was announced on Tuesday by the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, where it will be studied and displayed.

  4. The study relied on findings from an excavation at the Jaljulya site next to Highway 6 in central Israel, probably inhabited by humans of the homo erectus species, and evidence from a nearby cave.

  5. Prime Minister Netanyahu's incursion into Rafah displaced over a million Palestinians, highlighting the area's complex history, including significant Jewish presence since the Hasmonean era.

  6. Scientists discovered new dinosaur species, in Zimbabwe. The herbivorous dinosaur's remains date back to the late Triassic Period, highlighting Africa's paleontological potential

  7. Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities marked the completion of multi-year renovations to the 14th-century Altunbugha al-Maridani mosque, funded by the EU and the Aga Khan Foundation.

  8. The discovery may help researchers uncover how humans one hunted mammoths, despite the enormous size difference.

  9. “This is an unusual and deeply moving find, not one found every day,” the IAA stated in their announcement.

  10. Questions have risen over reports of women as priestesses in ancient times, and ancient artefacts give us a diverse picture of who could be a spiritual leader among ancient Israelites.