Wild and Natural Olive Branches

Matthew 5:17-19

Food & Recipes


  1. Just Google “cheesecake” or “Shavuot,” and you will quickly discover scores of tried and tested options. The same goes for blintzes and umpteen other dairy dishes. Enjoy!

  2. This Shavuot may be a good time to appreciate the quality and variety of white wines available in Israel today.

  3. Shavuot is that special time when we indulge in all our favorite dairy recipes, cherishing the sweetness of Torah. Here are some recipes for the holiday.

  4. Maalya is a relatively new chef restaurant just outside Jerusalem. Moti Yosef, one of the partners, said they opened in August after spending last summer training the staff. Then October 7 happened.

  5. The Sun Café is a long-established eatery in the heart of rustic Israel with a well-known dairy menu.

  6. The first three beers were released and distributed to stores and restaurants around the country, but without celebration and fanfare.

  7. We arrived there one early evening to determine why Hasulam is such a popular restaurant among the locals.

  8. Chef Cobi Bachar founded the popular Happy Fish restaurant at Jerusalem’s Mamilla Hotel and brings his experience and creative ideas to the Pescara restaurant.

  9. In her Tel Aviv restaurant, chef Rima Olvera shares her culinary mastery with faithful clientele and those in the know.

  10. “It is a beautiful environment with a relaxed Mediterranean feel and contemporary food that matches our  environment.” en