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Matthew 5:17-19



  1. The woman disclosed that she endured rape and forced marriage to IS fighters before being transported to al-Hol in 2019.

  2. The US also seeks to deter Iran. Iran has backed proxies in Iraq and Syria to attack US forces.

  3. Abu Zaila, 20, was indicted on Friday after being arrested in July on suspicion of being involved with ISIS.

  4. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said IS militants attacked Syrian army checkpoints around the village of Maadan.

  5. Turkey claimed to have killed an ISIS leader that it said it was hunting for for a while.

  6. The US appears to be increasing the tempo of operations against ISIS in Syria with its partners on the ground.

  7. The US' fight against ISIS in Syria is made complex by Iran, Turkey and Russia among other forces.

  8. Recruiters target vulnerable individuals and relocate cells created in Africa.

  9. One of the boldest challenges to Iran's clerical leaders in decades, the protests have been gaining steam, frustrating authorities who have blamed Iran's foreign enemies and their agents.

  10. Italian documentarian Benedetta Argentieri's film The Matchmaker had its first Israeli premiere at the Haifa International Film Festival. What she found would forever change the way she viewed ISIS.