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Matthew 5:17-19

Islamic Terrorism


  1. The UN said Israel's armed and security forces were responsible for killing 206 children. The UN verified 136 violations against Israeli children, attributing 116 to Hamas.

  2. The officer reportedly shared content describing how the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem will be freed from "the abomination of the Jews," and the "aggressive Zionists."

  3. The suspect appeared to have been planning to attack the Geoffroy Guichard stadium during the Olympic soccer tournament and was inspired by Islamist ideology.

  4. Masir Badil Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement Leader and alleged PFLP operative Khaled Barakat led the Canadian crowd in chants of “long live October 7.”

  5. Images of the Hamas shirt were captured by a Jewish man near the Oxford Circus underground train station.

  6. The 43-year-old woman claimed that the pro-regime attackers were waiting for her outside hospital, where she was receiving treatment for injuries sustained during their attack.

  7. Footage of the clashes show Raisi mourners attacking protesters, kicking one woman while she lay on the ground screaming.

  8. Ambrey said a radio communication indicated the vessel was hit by a missile and that there was a fire onboard.

  9. The former law student had been recorded stating she was "full of joy" about the Hamas attack on October 7.

  10. After his arrest, Ahmed Alid told detectives he had committed the acts because of the conflict in Gaza and said he would have killed more people if he had been able to, prosecutors said.