Wild and Natural Olive Branches

Matthew 5:17-19



  1. The students have had a chance to study Jewish history with master teachers just as a new and frightening chapter in Jewish history is playing out in real time.

  2. Almost nothing in the appearance of Yaron Avraham, a religious Jew, can provide any hint of his past life and horrible childhood experiences.

  3. There are several underlying principles to Shavuot, from agriculture to the Torah.

  4. Cheese blintzes, with their rich, creamy filling, perfectly embody the festive and indulgent spirit of Shavuot.

  5. Halacha only allows for abortion for therapeutic reasons, with decisors greatly divided over the scope of justifying rationales.

  6. In the 21st century, at least a million Jews – women and men – are active participants in Tikkun Leil Shavuot.

  7. Here are 10 fundamental doctrines regarding Israel, Jewish destiny, and Jewish universalism. 

  8. While the role of leadership was exclusively designated for the biblical tribe of Levi, in reality, many of us find ourselves in leadership positions.

  9. The group had never before uncovered a Jewish American who had been buried with the very Nazis he was fighting.