Wild and Natural Olive Branches

Matthew 5:17-19



  1. These politicians are also responsible for the fatigue regarding EU enlargement, as attention is constantly drawn to Ukraine, a preference aligned with the Kremlin’s strategies.

  2. The current war’s main goals – destroying Hamas and returning all the hostages – have not been met after eight months. Despite the challenges, we cannot lose hope.

  3. As Hamas continues its attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers in Gaza, it puts pressure on Israel to accept the proposal by releasing hostages videos.

  4. Gantz understood: The government failed every single hostage taken on October 7 and has failed them and their families every day since by not bringing forth a deal.

  5. Every citizen should repudiate those who abuse free speech by harassing, threatening, intimidating, and trying to make Jews feel uncomfortable for being Jewish and pro-Israel.

  6. Given the stakes in this hot war being waged by the UN against Israel, the failure to take strong action could be very costly.

  7. The real challenge lies not in the symbolic gestures but in navigating the pragmatic ties that sustain these relationships amid an ever-changing geopolitical arena.

  8. As we once again accept the Torah, let us take it upon ourselves to find new ways to infuse holiness into our routines, to feel the presence and the relevance of the Torah in everything we do.

  9. Shavuot’s journey from an agricultural celebration to commemorating the Giving of the Torah, and its eventual return to an agricultural focus, underscores the adaptability of Jewish tradition.

  10. The victory picture that we can all pray for on this holiday is of farmers on our borders harvesting their fields without the threat of incoming rocket fire.