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US Elections


  1. Vice President Kamala Harris addressed the Gaza war at a Detroit elections event, emphasized the importance of hostages return, and outlined a proposed ceasefire involving Israeli withdrawal.

  2. Andee Goldman: “Voting from abroad is a privilege granted by US law. By not voting, you allow others to speak for you. Your vote is your voice.”  

  3. Democratic primary voters had the option of selecting “uncommitted” for the presidential race, right above a slogan that read “Justice for Palestine. Permanent Ceasefire Now.”

  4. According to the US Embassy, there are approximately 600,000 American citizens residing permanently or temporarily in Israel, with possibly 500,000 eligible to vote in America.

  5. With the war in Gaza surpassing half a year and a ceasefire deal yet to be achieved, a recent survey shows that Democratic voters strongly believe that Israel is carrying out a genocide in Gaza.

  6. When survey participants were asked to choose which candidate has the better physical and mental fitness to handle the presidency, 48% said Trump and 28% answered Biden.

  7. The 'uninstructed' vote, cast in protest of Biden's Israel policy, amounted to 8.4% of votes in the Wisconsin Democratic primary.

  8. Trump officially clinched the Republican nomination upon Nikki Haley suspending her campaign.

  9. The win, mostly seen as symbolic, inoculates Haley from criticisms that she is unable to win a single primary race, though she still faces near-impossible odds to win the Republican nomination.

  10. The primary focus of this survey is to determine who Americans are planning to vote for as president in 2024. Among registered voters, 43% plan to vote for Biden and 48% plan to vote for Trump.